Thursday, 28 September 2017

Feeling Thankful at 40

There has been lots going on here over the past fortnight, so that is why this blog has been a bit quiet.  I turned the Big 4-0 last week and I enjoyed a week of celebrations which I am looking forward to telling you all about! It has also been school holidays, so we have been enjoying slow mornings, day trips, outings and catch ups with family and friends.  I am so thankful to turn 40, to have good health and to be surrounded by a wonderful group of family and friends.  At this age, I feel like I know myself better than I ever have.  Life threw me some fairly big challenges in my thirties and I learnt some really important lessons.  It made me stop and re-evaluate my life, it made me work out what was important to me and it made me more confident to be me.  I feel like I am getting there now.  No doubt I will face more challenges in the future, but I feel just that little bit wiser, with some life experience behind me now.  I am looking forward to the next chapter, I'm excited for it and that is a good place to be.

I had three little events for my 40th.  The first was a High Tea at a beautiful hotel in the city.  I invited two of my dearest friends, my Mum and my sister.  We dressed up and played ladies for the afternoon.  It was so wonderful.

This High Tea was called "The Spirit of Queensland High Tea" as it was made from local produce from around the state. You can view the menu here. I highly recommend it if you are live in Brisbane or are visiting. It was also served to the Queen when she visited here a few years ago, so I thought if it was fit for her, it was fit for me!  I also loved the idea that everything on the menu had a story and was local to Queensland.  I can tell you, it all tasted delicious.  The desserts were so intricate and so divine.  There was a take on the Ekka strawberry Sunday, a "Golden Gaytime" dessert, a gourmet version of a lamington and so much more.  It was truly lovely.

Decadent desserts, all with a Queensland theme and with ingredients all sourced locally.
The five of us spent the afternoon chatting away.  What  a treat!  Beautiful food, lovely surroundings and great company.  A wonderful way to start my birthday festival.
A birthday celebration plate presented to me at the high tea.

Beautiful flowers for my birthday from friends

On my actual birthday, I was up early and out for a walk.  A nice way to start the day.  When I got back I was then presented with this little pile of goodies to unwrap before my husband headed off to work. Carefully wrapped and chosen by my daughter and husband.  Lots of little presents that meant so much to me.
Even the wrapping paper was a gift as it was kitchen themed!

And my own special mouse pad with my blog header printed onto it!!  Very special indeed.  My husband said he was so proud of me for starting up this little blog.  A pretty personalised mug to go with it.  
My daughter and I then spent the day browsing some bookshops I have always wanted to visit.  My favourite way to spend some time.  We enjoyed a lovely lunch together  and then met some family for an afternoon tea get together at a little café I had been wanting to try.  It was so nice.

Afternoon tea, brown sugar shortbread, everything was made on the premises at this little vintage café.
Something I will always treasure.  My 5 year old niece drew this picture of our family. She has included all the detail down to the colour of our eyes and hair and Crunchie's ginger stripes.  So cute!
Pretty pink flowers from my sister and nieces
And lastly I celebrated with my family at an Italian restaurant for lunch last Sunday.  Eight adults and including the children, five cousins, ranging from 10 years to 3 years.   It was a true Italian style lunch at a very busy restaurant.  A bit hectic, but the food was authentic and delicious.  That is important to my Italian family!  We came back to our place to allow the children some time and space to play and to have my cake.  My Mum made me a folder with photos from my life at every decade.  It was very special.
Fresh cream and jam sponge cake with cream cheese icing - a simple favourite around here.
While I write this post, I truly feel so lucky.  I had a wonderful week of special times with the people I care most about.  It was such a meaningful way to mark this special occasion.  I look forward to the future and all its possibilities.


  1. Wow what a super birthday. A huge Happy 40th Birthday to you Belinda.
    We stay at the Stamford Plaza in Melbourne for little getaways. Their high teas look amazing. Those cakes are extra special.
    Love your mouse pad - that is so thoughtful. What a week. One you will always remember I'm sure.

  2. Happy 40th Belinda. One of the many birthday milestones. It looks like you had a wonderful few days of celebration with family and friends.
    Essence of Queensland is my pick from the menu. I think I'll have to get my husband to take me there for a treat. I've never been to a "high tea".

  3. Happy birthday to you! What a lovely way to celebrate, with your family and friends and ... CAKE! That high tea looks incredibly delicious. What a treat. I love your mouse pad and your mug. Things you can use each and every day that will remind you of your special day. Meg:)

  4. Wishing you a very happy 40th Birthday Belinda! I loved the look of that high tea!! I might have to put that on my bucket list!

  5. Happy Birthday Belinda and I love that 40 cake with the freckles and raspberries (some of my favourite lollies). When I turned 40 I was 7 months pregnant with my first drinking for me to celebrate even though at the time I was living in Melbourne and we went to one of the wineries at Red Hill for lunch. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog and for leaving a lovely comment. Sounds like you had a great birthday with lots of things to celebrate. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  6. What a wonderful birthday, Belinda. You really are blessed to have such good friends and a close family.

  7. Congratulations on turning 40. Life only gets better from here on. I recently turned 50 and I feel as though nothing bothers me, I can do what I want, when I want. Age is just a number